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            The IOC Olympic Studies Centre is the world source of reference for Olympic knowledge. Our mission is to share this knowledge with professionals and researchers through providing information, giving access to our unique collections, enabling research and stimulating intellectual exchange.

            Olympic Studies Centre IOC

            As part of the IOC, we are uniquely placed to collect and share the most up-to-date and accurate information on Olympism. Our collections include the IOC archives, the official publications of the IOC and the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games as well as books, articles and journals. Our resources cover all the key themes related to the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement and their place within society. Click here to explore the Olympic World Library.

            HERE TO HELP

            Whatever your interest in the Olympic Movement – academic or professional – we will help you find the information you need, quickly and easily. We’re here to:

            • Answer your questions: share factual and historical information, Games results and statistics
            • Give personalised guidance: help you find what you need in our extensive library and archives
            • Lend you books and publications, even internationally
            • Give you online access: to our electronic documents
            • Award research grants: to PhD students and established researchers
            • Connect you to our network: of academics experts in Olympic studies.

            Join the academic community interested in Olympic studies

            One of our key roles is to facilitate communication and cooperation between the IOC and the international academic community in order to promote research and stimulate intellectual exchange. 

            This worldwide community is mainly constituted by over 40 Olympic Studies Centres and hundreds of individual scholars and university students working on academic projects related to the field of Olympic studies.  

            Thanks to this regular exchange and the work conducted by the academics, we enrich the world’s Olympic knowledge, share new analysis on key topics related to the Olympic Movement and can provide guidance to universities wishing to launch initiatives on Olympic studies.  

            Find all Olympic Studies Centres in the world and discover Olympic-related initiatives organised by the academic community. 

            Join our academic mailing list

            University professors and researchers are invited to be part of our academic community. To join, email us with a brief description of your academic status and your full contact details. Once registered, you will receive our quarterly academic e-newsletter and other updates concerning Olympic studies initiatives.

            VISIT US

            You’ll find us next door to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.


            See on map

            We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, except on public holidays and at Christmas. You don’t need an appointment to use the library and the study rooms. If you would like to see the historical archives or need personal guidance to find your way around our collections, please fill out our visitor request form.


            No problem. You can:

            • Explore a wealth of publications and documents on the Olympic World Library entirely devoted to Olympic knowledge: www.6550286.com/library
            • Borrow a publication using our inter-library loan service.
            • Follow our news on our Facebook page
            • Subscribe for our quarterly newsletter

            Should you need access to images photos, videos and/or sound recordings  for an Olympic and/or sport-related academic project, please send an email to [email protected], mentioning the name of your university and your academic status and describing briefly the project.

            KEEP IN TOUCH

            We're here to answer your questions.

            Phone: +41 21 621 6611
            Email: [email protected]

            The Olympic Studies Centre
            Villa du Centenaire
            Quai d'Ouchy 1
            1006 Lausanne

            The origins of the Olympic Studies Centre

            The idea of creating an Olympic Studies Centre can be traced back to the reviver of the Modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

            To aid the progress of Coubertin’s work, the aim of the IOC Olympic Studies Centre is to preserve and share the history of the Olympic Movement to enrich the future of Olympism.


            I believe that a centre of Olympic studies would aid the preservation and progress of my work more than anything else. Pierre de Coubertin Pierre de Coubertin

            The Olympic Studies Centre, home of Olympic knowledge

            We invite you to virtually visit the Olympic Studies Centre, and learn about the Olympic World Library and our resources.

            Our Research Grant Programmes

            Our Research Grant Programmes

            Discover our various research grant programmes for PhD students or established researchers, and take an active part in Olympic studies.


            Got a Question about the Olympic Studies Centre? Check the FAQ


            Official Olympic Games Results

            Official Olympic Games Results

            Search all the official results of the Olympic Games since 1896.


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